2014 Football World Cup Betting

The Football World Cup is not only the largest and most keenly anticipated sports tournament in the world, but also one of the biggest betting events in international sport. With 32 countries competing in dozens of fixtures, football fans have an unrivaled opportunity to bet on football at the highest level.

Every four years bookmakers in the United Kingdom celebrate the Football World Cup with a variety of betting promotions, specials and free bet offers. Football fans can select betting options from dozens of betting markets for every game, with many bookmakers also offering live betting opportunities during Football World Cup matches.

Football World Cup Betting Options

While the majority of football fans will place patriotic punts on their favourite teams in Football World Cup matches, there are a wide variety of additional interesting betting options available, which will invite football fanatics to test their knowledge of the game. The more popular Football World Cup betting options include:

Outright Winner Betting: Ante-post betting markets on the Football World Cup are available years in advance of the tournament, and allow fans to pick the winners of the final. These markets are not only the first Football World Cup markets opened for every tournament, but also offer some of the highest prices. With 32 teams participating in the World Cup tournament, many bookmakers pay out each-way bets to fourth place.

Handicap Betting: Handicap bets are variations on regular match bets, which even out contests between mismatched teams by penalising the stronger team with a goal deficit, or by handing a goal advantage to the weaker team. These bets add to the tension of a match and are a great way to double your money.

Scorecast Betting: Scorecast betting can produce some truly gargantuan odds. This Football World Cup betting option challenges football fans to predict the score, as well as one of the goal scorers. The odds offered on these combinations are so high that punters can place several bets and still earn a big payout even if only one of their scorecasts is accurate.

Goalscorer Betting: Goalscorer bets are one of the most popular Football World Cup betting options. This simple betting option allows punters to predict which players will score during each match. While odds on the strikers tend to be modest, those on other players can be very profitable.

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