Arena Amazonia

The Arena Amazonia is a stadium located in the city of Manaus in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. The stadium was purpose built for the 2014 Football World Cup, but will serve as the home ground for three local football clubs in the aftermath of the tournament.

The Arena Amazonia will host four group stage fixtures during the 2014 Football World Cup.

Construction and history

The Arena Amazonia replaces the Vivaldao Stadium which serviced the city of Manaus.

The previous venue was demolished in 2010 with construction of the new stadium starting in 2011. The stadium was designed by the same German architectural firm that built the Commerzbank Stadium in Frankfurt.

The Amazonia Stadium was built to withstand the challenging climate of the Amazonas province. A state of the start roof is designed to reflect sunlight, ventilate the stands and channel rainwater for use in maintaining the stadium’s pitch.

Location and maps

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